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19 April 2019

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About Us


Entering the next millennium and continuing your business success for the 21 st century, today's successful enterprise is characterized by its adaptability to changing market conditions, high speed time-to-market and concept-to-cash, dramatically shortened product development cycles and reduced inventories and cycle times. To fully leverage company information and IT investment , we help our clients achieve a significant industry advantage by our full range of management services which rapidly implement a tailored solution unique to your needs with a complete portfolio of consistent and quality services:
   Assessment services evaluate your environment, system, network performance, applications, security and total cost of ownership.
Optimization services of solution planning, design plus performance & capacity planner to construct the framework needed to manage your environment as a single entity.
   In charge of services assist you with installation and startup of essential hardware, layered products, applications & tools including integration & migration , performance tuning ,security enhancement and configuration management.
   Desktop operations management helps you to control escalating costs, or managing explosive business growth by standardize new technologies and regain control over the desktop.
   When your competitive edge and success is on the line , RCG is one of the systems integrators with the experience , expertise and resources to manage facets of complex systems integration efforts such as Fab automation solutions for Computer Integrated Manufacturing systems (CIM).
   RCG provides application development and integration services across a broad range of technical areas such as:
   - Architecture planning and design services
   - Selecting ,customizing ,integrating and implementing off-the-shelf
   - Rapid application development process and techniques
   - Integrating existing applications into multi-tiered computing
  Today,everything has changed. Globalization,the internationalization of markets and corporations, has changed the way modern enterprises do business. The 21st Century Global Society presents a real challenge to the strategic management of business practice. Strategic flexibility demands a long-term commitment to the development and nurturing of critical resources. It also demands that the enterprise becomes a learning organization - an organization skilled at creating,acquiring,and transferring knowledge,and at modifying its behaviour to reflect new knowledge and insights. Learning organizations are skilled at four main activities:
   1. Solving problems systematically
   2. Experimenting with new approaches
   3. Learning from their own experiences and past history as well as
       from the experiences of others
   4. Transferring knowledge quickly and efficiently throughout the
To progress beyond mere business continuance to real business growth,your enterprise must prepare today - before your competitors do. Creation of new information-based products,services,and lines of business based on emerging technologies,such as electronic commerce,the Internet,data marts, and mail and messaging. Integrated interaction with all members of its value supply chain management including suppliers,distributors and customers,enabled by electronic data interchange and the Internet.
   Our business transformation services will get you up to speed and help your business build a bridge to new ways of successfully doing business. Services include:
   1. Executive workshops
   2. Site assessments
   3. Hosted business application including design,run your Web pages
      and linking them to your industry-specific ERP solutions
Various forms of Information Technology systems outsourcing can provide the enterprise flexibility required in a fast changing global economy. It also allows an organization to focus on its core competencies in highly competitive market places. Vendors often have advantages of economics of scale, experience ,and expertise with the latest technology that may be hard to duplicate in the IT department of individual organizations.
   RCG will manage your non-core business operations, freeing you to concentrate on the main thrust of your business. Services include:
   1. Application Management Outsourcing
   2. Network and system management
   3. Internet and Intranet applications management
   4. Desktop operations management